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Tourmaline D-Tach Brush 606 (small)

D-Tach Styling Kit Small | 3 Brush Heads and 1 Handle
Art No: VBD-606
Core: 19mm | Overall: 30mm

VBD 606VBD 606_KIT

Professional styling tool that creates long lasting curl and bounce.
Can be used as a normal brush to create smoothness and shine in the hair or as a hot curling roller without the handle.
Allow the brush head to cool in your hair and your hair will have amazing glamour curls that lasts and lasts.
These Styling kits allow you to create your perfect look at home, they contain 3 brush heads and one handle.
This Kit is great for shorter hair or you want to create lots of curl.

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For a video showing D-TACH techniques and its amazing results click here


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